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In Eyes on the Prize, you are troublemakers. Maybe you don't think you are -- maybe, to you, your most unfortunate and ludicrous circumstances are no fault of your own, and it is only an additional misfortune that you've been driven to such lengths -- but the fact of the matter is that, when all is said and done, you need your situation upended so badly that you've ended up fake-married about it. So it goes!

Unfortunately for you, there's nothing more appealing to the rumor-mongers and scandal-hobbyists of court society than an unusual marriage. If the two of you want a chance to meet your goals, you'll have to play your parts, and you'll have to play them immaculately. 

Get your shit done, don't get caught, and absolutely, positively do not fall in love for real. That would be so fucking embarrassing.


Eyes on the Prize is a court intrigue game for 2 or 4 players (1 or 2 pairs) in which you dream up a fake-married couple, then attempt to wield their fraudulent union to achieve their shared goals. Perform badly, and nobody will buy it, tripping up your attempts to advance your plots; perform too well, and you might start fooling even yourselves.

You can play it funny, you can play it sexy, you can play it fast, you can take your time -- the only real expectations are mischief and self-indulgence.

To play, you'll need:

  •  An eight-sided die for each player
  • A deck of standard playing cards
  • Many small tokens (coins, buttons, tiny seashells)
  • A stopwatch/timer
  • Paper and something to write with
  • 1-3 hours of time

The game package includes:

  • Game rules (standard, print-friendly, and collated booklet versions)
  • Printable playsheets and challenge cards
  • Playsheet .png, for virtual play
  • Chinese translation .docx, courtesy of coffee ghost!


Print Instructions:

The "booklet" files are collated so you can print and fold them into a neat little book. For best results when printing these files, please do not reorder the pages, and make sure you have the following print settings active:


Note that the page counts in the booklet versions are slightly different than the normal PDFs, due to extra pages added to make sure everything lines up!


Buy Now$7.00 USD or more

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Fantastic game-- I was worried the game itself wouldn't live up to how wonderful the concept seemed (I am a sucker for a fake married trope) and how wrong I was to fret; this game is everything you want it to be if you love the rompy drama of a fake married plotline. A gorgeous blend of hijinks, yearning, and goofs. A great framework through which to tell stories with your friends. I've done two play-throughs so far and am looking forward to more. 

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oh, what a wonderful comment, thank you so much!! i'm so happy you're enjoying it, thank you so much :')

edit: i said thank you so much twice in a row but i meant it both times so it's fine. such is the excitement this comment evoked in me


my pal and i played a game of this and we were craving pokémon verse content so that's what we did—obviously it involved a lot of tweaking (dancing was swapped out for battling lmao) but we had fun with it!!! my friend was unity, a gym trainer for a romance-themed gym who was vying for the soon-opening title of gym leader and of COURSE needed a partner for it; i was tetsu (who went by amethyst), a c-list social media influencer trying to edge in on the double battling scene and of COURSE you need a cool gimmick for that if you wanna make it!!! unity was a full on herbo, amethyst was an emotionally constipated it-girl. they had a nidorino and a nidorina, respectively, who fell in actual love meeting at a park and gave us the idea for our fake marriage. we ended up getting a LOT of affection VERY QUICKLY and rolled doubles at our first boiling point—amethyst was in the middle of doing unity's makeup for a video and their faces were SO CLOSE and they SMOOCHED c:<

this was a delight of a game, thanks so much for sharing it!!!


oh i LOVE the setting tweak -- tbh one of the things i waffled on a lot when i was first designing EotP was "will the setting feel limiting??" but i quickly realized you just gotta trust that players will do whatever they want, so i LOVE to hear it when ppl do!! >:D also i'm obsessed with the.... what's the gender neutral plural of nidorino/a. nidorinae.... nidorin@s.... WHATEVER i love that subplot AND i love makeup vid kiss. what a fantastic session to hear about, thank you for sharing as well!


Playing this with a friend and we are having a blast. We do have one question since we were a little unclear: Are the Aff/Plot/Sus trackers shared, or do we each have our own tracker? I interpreted it as the first, and they thought the second - we've gone with their interpretation and it's still very fun, but also hitting multiple boiling points seems less likely. Could you clarify please?


hi! i'm so happy you guys are having fun! the trackers are shared :)


Thanks so much for this game, I love it!

One question about the pools: do they cap at 10, as in once you go above 10, you don't add any more? For example, if a prompt would increase the amount in the pool to 12, and the boiling point asks you to reduce by the difference, do you subtract the difference from 12 or from 10?


you're so welcome, i'm glad you enjoy it! i have played both ways, and it doesn't matter too much -- usually i go over 10 and subtract from the over-10 number, but that's mostly just because it's fun to load on tokens haha.


SUPER fun, and I don't think I'll get tired of playing it. My friend and I were high rollers in our first session and the boiling point decided multiple times to bring our campaign to a close, but the story EOTP helped us build was way too fun to stop there. We rolled until we got an option that'd keep it going and played on! The scenarios are so enjoyable that I honestly wish we rolled lower—nothing seems like a loss, especially in good company. And, for what it's worth, congrats to the author on the not-fake marriage!

Player-led TTRPGs are always so much fun and these game mechanics are awesomely designed just for that. The art is gorgeous, the possibilities are endless, and I can't wait to see what other stories EOTP will help us tell.

(i hope necroing comments isn't an annoying faux pas on itchio lol i'm just finally getting around to some of these...!) anyway YAY thank u so much for sharing, i love hearing abt ppl's sessions -- in my own playthroughs we almost always brute force my way past the first (few...) ending point(s...) too lmao! so i'm super happy to hear other ppl have that much fun playing too. thank you again so much for playing!


Played this as an anniversary date with my partner and had a really fun time adding affection regularly because we're such an affectionate couple to begin with LOL. very fun game we definitely plan on playing again in the future and developing better stories with as we play :)

aaaa wonderful i'm so happy to hear it!! i love the affection rule myself too, sometimes it ends up feeling like a kind of meta minigame lmao (trying to make ur ocs do extra cute stuff to goad ur partner into triggering another token......) 

thank u for playing and for sharing!

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I also got a community copy and Im def gonna make my friends play this with me! Thank you so so much for this!

you're so welcome, thank u for grabbing my game!! i hope in the time between u posting this and me fiiiiinally catching up on replies (oops lol) u've had an opportunity for a session or two -- or if not that you've had fun daydreaming about a bunch of potential characters haha. ty ty!


i got a community copy, and i'm so excited to play! been dming my friends to see if anyone's up for it. here's to hoping someone's interested!! (thank you to those buying! and to of course, the creator!)

thank u so much for grabbing it!! i hope that when u play u have an absolute blast (or that u have, if you've had a session or two!)


This looks so fun! I can't wait to play with some friends of mine, I think they'll really enjoy it. Thank you so much for making this!


it was my pleasure! thank YOU for checking it out, i hope u have a great time with it!


I've started just one (1) game with a friend of mine, and we haven't even finished it yet, but it's been incredibly fun. I have just a little question about the rules, since it crossed my mind while reading the book over: when one of the three stats reaches 10, it becomes a "boiling point", but what happens in the possibility of two stats reaching 10 at the same time?


oh man, that’s a good question! i never came across that scenario in playtests but i suppose it’s totally possible. (i HAVE had playtests where the token change from surviving one boiling point pushes us straight into a different one, which is always really fun to rp!) if it happened in a game i was playing, i think i would probably roll for both — either choosing which one to do first on a whim and then if we survive that rolling the second immediately, or if you have enough d8s why not roll all four and decide how to mesh the results into one big event, even if that means fudging the actual outcome! (i.e. if you roll a game end on one, but a continue on the other, you can just decide that the success was enough to salvage the whole situation if you want to keep playing.)


Honestly, upon a first read, this is probably my favorite TTRPG of the year so far. I find the narrative prompts to be well written and evocative, the marital trials are incredible, and the token economy is well thought out. The most important rule is also possibly my favorite, just from the sheer narrative energy of it all.

I really look forward to playing this with my partner and will definitely be interested in whatever you put out next!


wow, thank you so much! this means a ton to me, especially since it’s my first game. i’m really excited to make more! i hope you and your partner have loads of fun playing :)


My friends have played this 3 times in two days. It's very good.


yay, this is the best thing to hear! thank you so much!


Honestly this might be silly but the d8 is my favorite shape of the polyhedral dice set and I'm incredibly hyped to see it used vs the more typical d6 or d10. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I'm excited to have a go at it soon with my partners! 


not silly at all imo!! i also really like d8s and it's fun to be able to use dice that don't come up as often :D thank u so much, i really hope u and ur partners have fun with it!

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hi! page 18 is meant to be positioned before 17 in the print order of the booklet version, because of the way the pages line up when the papers are all stacked and folded. i just did a test print to check and they look okay on my end! is it possible a page got flipped around before you folded + stapled?


I see that now